The super single trailer tire delivers exceptional performance in line haul trailer applications. This tire is engineered with a wide shoulder rib for stability and resistance to lateral scrub wear. The tread grooves channel water away from tread footprint in wet conditions. The 13/32 tread depth is optimized for even wear and long mileage in highway trailer applications. This tire is ideal for trailers being returned off lease where a new tire is required.


  • Shallow tread reduces irregular wear.
  • Optimized casing reduces rolling resistance.
  • Solid shoulder ribs minimize scrub wear.


  • Tandem Axle Trailers
  • Single Axle Trailers
Item # Size Ply T.D. L.I. 1X L.I. 2X SR O.D. S.W. R.W. L.C.C. 1X L.C.C. 2X AP
32nds in. in. in. lbs lbs psi
5548018 445/50R22.5 20.00 13 161 - M 40.1 17.5 14.00 10,200 - 120